On Seeing a Lega Nord Flyer in Pisa

I’ll close the Rom camps, the flyer pledges The gypsies are what’s bringing Italy down: Blame it all on those Brown Skinned Wretches. Look trust me I’m not just some Fascist Clown. No, clearly the gypsies must hold the key to explain the Nation’s Steep decline: Without them now we’d be home free And every cunt’d…

The Girl at Paris Orly

The girl who worked at Paris Orly Was small and svelte and very pretty. She bade us on with “straightaway” Though that’s not what she meant to say. “Excuse me, you mean straight ahead, That’s what you should’ve said instead” She looked at me with cool disdan – You’re not being helpful, just a pain.

I was wondering what the difference was myself.

He’s not alone…I knew quite a few Italians who’re unhappy with the slick, smug  but ultimately completely vacuous cinema of Sorrentino

18th century manual on black magic

bowie’s favourite vinyl    

What about the argument that it is simply impossible for many European countries to accommodate so many immigrants and refugees? Germany has done the most, absorbing about 1 million refugees in a very rich country of over 80 million people. Compare Lebanon, a poor country with severe internal problems. Its population is now about 25…

European intellectual exiles and the ruins of the civilisation they were once a part of  

Bowie — the stories behind the songs:  

London’s status as global confluence point; from out of the chaos and obscurity a new kind of monstrous hybrid metropolis is emerging

A new literary genre: the algorithmic autobiography

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