Hi and welcome to my new revamped blog. I originally started it up way back in October 2006 with a piece I wrote arguing against the notion, being peddled a lot back then, that western foreign policy had nothing to do with Islamic terrorism. I was inspired by a particularly inane piece of commentary by another blogger and what I had initially thought would be just an extended comment on his blog turned into a full blown analysis of which I’m still proud (even though I’m generally unhappy with almost everything I’ve ever written, especially from back then).

I was regularly updating this blog for 3 or 4 years and then simply fell out of the habit. I have decided to give it another go for a number of reasons which I will shortly go into. I have set myself the challenge of spending at least half an hour (but hopefully more like 45 minutes to an hour) on this blog every week day during the month of March. That means that I aim to have at least one blog entry up every weekday, that means a good one or two paragraphs of writing. I have also incidentally set all the blog posts that I had put up before to private, mostly because I’m ashamed by the poor quality of most of them, but also because I want to revamp a number of them (those that are worth the effort) and repost them in public with editing and corrections and perhaps a little introduction and\retrospective commentary.

So why am I doing this? Mostly it’s to practise my writing skills. That was always the point of the blog orignally. But I have a habit of taking weeks or months with each extended piece of writing that I’m working on, far longer than the finished product seems to merit. I’m obsessed with editing, re-editing and then editing again, I’ve never been willing to accept the old adage about polishing turds. I’ve decided to try and nudge myself out of this habit and to be a bit more spontaneous. Also I want this blog to be a channel for me to be able to express my ideas and thoughts. I’ve become increasingly tired of both facebook and twitter. The limitations I’ve faced when posting anything interesting on those two platforms has really frustrated me recently and so I’ve decided to take the more old fashioned route of putting my thoughts and vexations down in a weblog. I have some poems and other things that I’ve written over the last year or so that I didn’t know where to put and I think this blog is as good a place as any. At the end of the day my original blog never really had much of an audience, nothing beyond a few dozen people, so I’m not going to be that disapointed if no one reads these my latest efforts, but I would be pleased if my experiment turned out to be interesting for other people apart from myself.

Anyway much more to come…


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  1. Billy Watson says:

    Cool man, that’s kinda what I been thinking too. Maybe it’s in the stars.
    Looking forward to reading your shit, man. 😉

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