So…I’ve enjoyed this little writing challenge that I’ve set myself. I started off the month wondering how I would possibly write something new every day for the blog. My day to day thoughts are usually too vague, too stupid and/or too obscene to set down for anyone else to read, and I couldn’t think of any interesting topics to write about. It was partly for this reason that I allowed myself the concession of being able to rework some of my old blog entries: the only caveat being I had to spend at least half an hour writing or re-writing whatever it was I was working on.

I’m quite pleased with a lot of the things I’ve put up, though I have to confess that I allowed myself to post some really boring shit on here just in order to have a requisite chunk of text to post each week day. And while I’m being honest, I should also confess that I didn’t manage to post anything last Friday afternoon, even though I had a nice wee blog entry all written out, due to a small error with the wordpress publish button. I realised my error on Sunday and promptly hit the publish button with Friday’s timestamp, secure in the knowledge that no one was paying the slightest bit of attention as to whether I kept to my promise or not.

My blog entries have struggled to reach double figures in terms of views, the average seems to be somewhere around 5 views per day. But that’s ok. I’m not bitter. Fuckers… OK I’m kidding (well, just a bit) I honestly wasn’t expecting much more than that. I’d be lying if I wasn’t excited at the thought of others reading the things I’ve written, but that hasn’t been my main motivation for restarting the blog.

So, I have a few more days of self-enforced blog writing left to go, 5 more to be precise (if you don’t count this entry which I’m typing out off the top of my head right this very instant) and like I say the experiment hasn’t been entirely unsuccessful.   I managed to polish up some of the things I’d posted on the prior incarnation of the blog, and maybe salvaged what little intelligence or insight I had poured therein. I also put up some of my recent poems and I’m hoping to put up a few more, as soon as I’ve written them. All in all, I’ve been encouraged to think about extending the experiment past the end of March. Perhaps in future I won’t be putting up something new <i>everyday</i>, but I’d definitely like to set myself the limit of 4 or 5 entries a week or maybe 2 or 3 long ones instead.

I’m planning to resume my two year long attempt to work my way through the King James Version of the the Bible next month after having taken a two month hiatus. It’s been something of a slog so far and I’m only about a third of the way through (I’ve reached up to Chronicles in the Old Testament). So that now I’m seriously considering blogging my continued progress: noting down my scattered thoughts on whatever part of the Bible it is I’m reading, maybe quoting interesting passages that I find. Perhaps this can be the focus of the next month or so, so that my blog entries will be a little bit less scatter shot.


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