So I come to the end of my month long writing challenge, and as I’ve stated previously I now plan to update my blog far more regularly: perhaps four times a week or thereabouts.

It’s Friday afternoon and I can’t be bothered writing too much, instead I will leave you with some of my favourite youtube music videos.

A lovely upbeat little number from a high-pitched male Thai singer.

John Fahey’s instrumental version of Layla.

Tricky promises you poems.

Franco Battiato’s rousing Alexanderplatz.

My favourite Erasure song.

A great contemporary pop song, (they tend to be rather thin on the ground).

Italian Country and Western.

I love Pixie Lott.

A glorious technicolour  burst from the legendary greek psychedelic pioneers Aprodite’s Child.

Ah so this is where Ice Cube got the sample from.


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  1. Cush says:

    Thanks Fletch for the posts. I didn’t read all of them but I enjoyed the ones I did read. I admire your ability to opine personal reflections in a selfless, forthright manner. I look forward to more of your writings.

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