Ever thought about becoming Chinese? Think again…



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  1. manue says:

    HEY there,

    well…um, oh yes heey there:) been a long time! as usual your insight into things is still as sharp as usual!
    since there are 2 posts on this link, i’ll comment a bit on both.thing of
    1=on the “sociopath”…i dont think its a the current times. it seems human history IS the history of sociopath! look at kings/queens/ now we have “democratic rulers”. most are what we’d call sociopaths! all fighting for their own little lineage, their own power, their own interests, with the escuse of a “nation”…ahhahaha…the worst part of it to me, is that folks continue to believe that these high sociopath should be listened to and followed and even warshipped! then again, as long as average folk is willing to fight for stupid causes, why not use them, says the sociopath sipping on fine whiskey…ahahahah, they laugh with a cigar!
    ok, lets speak about others famous sociopath. lets call them artists, shall we…read bios, how many are freaking nuts to the bones? lets swim in champagne bathtub with 7 whores around, yes, that must be sucess!
    ok, lets move to the so called scientists and other “researchers”…uh, feeding chicken to cows, a great idea , no???? but of course, hahahaha, lets create sqaure pumpkins, just so we can;)
    um…what other sociopaths shall we observe???ah YES, the folks that look at them sociopath and think that they represent a type of “sucess”…as long as they exist, the sociopath selling their mam to the stock market will still exist!
    are those sociopath better equipped to survive the future? perhaps, then again surviving aint that hard, most of the world is indeed “surviving”…ok, enough on sociopath for today…..

    your 2nd post was on Tatcher…hahahaha…yes, and new age thought wants to make us believe that all “female” is fluffy and nurturing by nature…Tatcher proves them wrong…females can be just as, if not more, ferocious than the average man….
    and quack quack quack, tell ya what….better enjoy our little life the best we can with the silly morals we have (morals???WHAT!! how unfashionable of us!!!!)…cause after all, its a beautiful planet, and there are even some quite cool folks on it….:) peas and shamallows your way!

    1. anask says:

      some interesting points fuzz

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