I along with a great number of other British people, and probably the vast majority of Scots, have been celebrating the timely death — although to be honest it could have come a lot sooner — of that vile satanic hag Margaret Thatcher. Having been born in 1981 I lived out the first decade or so of my life under the shadow of her government’s utterly destructive policies, in Glasgow a place where she was always particularly despised, so that personally speaking today has been quite a memorable and happy one. It’s hard to over emphasise the extent to which Thatcher “the milk snatcher” represented English Tory viciousness and intransigence, the extne to which she became a figure of hate north of the border.

For me, as for so many others, she encapsulated so much of what went wrong with modern Britain, by laying the foundations for what would become Blairism, the triumph of Casino Capitalism and Zombie Banker — and giving us David Cameron and Gideon Osborne, both of whom are eagerly helping to compete the work of desolation she so successfully initiated.

Thatcher stood for greed and the sort of individualism that consistently put immediate selfish interests ahead of long or even medium term planning and investment. With her it was always about the triumph of the quick buck. She was against society — indeed, she famously said that there was no such thing — she was against the rights of the worker, and in fact anything that stood in the way of corporate profit . Thatcher wreaked terrible havoc over vast stretches of Britain: all over Scotland and the North of England: she might be dead but the catastrophic after effects of her policies will live on for generations.

There are some who reckon her a great female role model, in that she achieved so much in spite of all the many obstacles that stood in her way as a woman. Thatcher did indeed show great skill and fortitude in making it all the way to the top and in many ways she was a pioneer, not least in the fact that she was Britain’s first female Premier. But she was also absolutely ruthless and her whole political career was based on exploiting the worst aspects of human nature — and this should never be forgotten.


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